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We aim to provide the best care for our community

We support with a range of different customers, varying in ages, ethnicity and religion and have trained our staff to be able to accommodate all. We have customers from social service to private and we work closely with Suffolk County Council to the fulfil the need for care in the community. Our experienced team will deliver the highest quality of care and put our clients’ needs at the forefront of their mind.

All of our staff members are fully trained, and enhanced DBS checked.

Our Pricing - 

Weekdays - £24.50 Per hour

Weekends - £26.50 Per hour

Our price point reflects the fairness in pay for our carers.


We aim to maintain personal hygiene requirements and appearance and ensure individuals are appropriately clothed. Personal care services we offer can be anything from showering, bathing, assistance with washing, assistance with dressing, continence care, catheter care, stoma care, toileting requirements and changing bedding. This list is not exhaustive.


We understand the importance of medication to health and well-being and want to ensure safe and correct administration. Medication assistance we offer can be self-administer, prompt, assist and administer. We apply eye, ear and nose drops and medicated creams if required. We are also fully trained to manage PEG requirements.


We offer short term care and support services if individual is recovering from an operation or an injury or are temporarily non-functional. We understand the impact this could have on an individual’s confidence and self-esteem, thereby will help to rebuild confidence and independence.


Our team is specialised in providing care and support for individuals with a life-limiting illness. We recognise this can be a difficult and challenging time and we hope to provide comfort, reassurance and support throughout. We work as a multidisciplinary team, liaising with nurses, doctors, pharmacists, social workers and occupational therapists.


Our team is specially trained in PEG care, management and administration. We understand the importance of maintaining the hygiene of the PEG area and ensure nutrition and hydration requirements are effectively managed.


We understand caring for a loved one can be challenging at times and our aim is to support them to continue their caring role. We offer a short-term relief for family carers needing time away to run errands or take time for themselves but wanting reassurance their loved one is receiving appropriate care and support in their absence.


Double assist is required for individuals with a higher level of care and support needs. This may be required for individuals requiring bed care, or specialised equipment for transferring, such as a hoist.


Staff have undergone food hygiene safety so understand the importance of infection control and hand hygiene. Our team will manage simple food preparation and serving. Assistance with feeding is also available if required.

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