We provide services for those with needs due to frailty, physical disabilities, sensory and cognitive impairments. Our hourly care packages are tailor made for you or your family member. We are here to help you live the life you always have.

Our Services include the following

✓ Personal hygiene care

✓ Medication assistance

✓ Care checks

✓ PEG feeding

✓ Double up care

✓ Physical Disability assistance

✓ End of Life care

✓ Food preparation & serving

✓ Respite care

✓ Sit in service

✓ Toileting and incontinence

✓ Bed Routine

✓ Bathing

✓ Oral hygiene

✓ Grooming

✓ Dressing

✓ Posture and positioning of clients

✓ Light Household Tasks

✓ Hospital discharge assistance

Our charges

We have a flat rate of £22 per hour per carer. We do not charge travelling time.

These charges are for a single carer, if double up care is required then these figures will be double.​

We only provide a minimum of 45 minute call in the morning, we feel that this gives you, the client more time than the usual 30 minutes available. Extra time may also be arranged.​ We do not provide 15 minute calls, 30 mins is our minimum throughout the day and evening.

If you need assistance to remain independent in your home call 01473 526321