Frequently Asked Questions

We have carefully compiled these FAQ's to help you make a decision about the care that you require and to assist you with the practicalities of beginning your journey with a domiciliary care agency

Why is it important to research home care providers?

CQC inspect and monitor all homecare company services, to ensure they are meeting fundamental standards of quality and safety; they publish detailed reports on their website . All homecare companies should legally also publish their CQC rating on their own website. Google and the,, allow for independent service user and carer quotes and ratings about the homecare company and its services. These websites are a very useful guide to a providers quality of service...helping you choose the very best care for your loved one.

How can I encourage someone I care about to accept help?

A reluctance to accept care is a very natural reaction as the person concerned may be afraid of losing their independence or they may be unaware they may need help. In our experience, another potential barrier is the thought of ‘strangers’ in the house. Please be reassured, if your relative really dislikes the visits after a trial period, they can give notice as detailed in the contract. This often helps a reluctant relative to have an ‘escape clause’ but in reality people rarely give notice once the calls are established and a rapport has been built. All carers have a criminal record check, face-to-face interviews and 2 references are taken prior to being employed. Our carers are thoroughly trained and supervised on an ongoing basis.

Why is it important to discuss my options and preferences with my loved ones?

Fully involving the person who is to receive the care and support is vital, but it is also important to try to express how you feel about the situation...let your feelings be known. It may help to explain the visits are also being planned to help you. In many cases the person being provided for will feel less inclined not to accept the calls if they feel they are also there to help another rather than just themselves. In our experience, this can also help with the very natural feeling of ‘losing some independence'.

Why is it important to speak with the Care management team?

Prior to the start of a care package it is imperative to speak to a member of the Safe and Sound Homecare Management Team; they will always be available to speak or communicate with you directly. When you first make contact the team member will respond in a timely, informative, knowledgeable and professional manner and show a genuine interest to learn about the needs of you, your relative or friend...they will be able and qualified to answer all your questions and/or concerns. They will explain how Safe and Sound Homecare will assess the needs and write a care plan with the involvement of the person to be cared for, as well as family and/or friends. If appropriate, they will then make an appointment to visit at a suitable time to undertake a more detailed assessment of requirements.

What happens if my relative or I are unhappy with a particular carer?

This is a very rare occurrence as all our carers are well trained and supervised and are fully aware of an individual’s needs and preferences. If the relationship becomes an issue the Care Management Team will listen to any anxieties and do all they can to resolve any issue and will if deemed necessary remove the carer concerned.

Why is it important for us to demonstrate good communications?

It is very important you and your relative have confidence we will always be available to help and assist with requests and in contacting others including health professionals and emergency services. We will demonstrate ways in which effective communication is assured via our Safe and Sound Homecare Management Team and On-Call out of hour’s service. We will continue to review and meet the requirements of you, relative or friend as needs change over time and assure all concerned there is an on-call professional available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and unplanned changes.

How do we recruit and train carers?

It is important to learn about the homecare provider’s recruitment policy and how they vet, train and support suitable carers; all Safe and Sound Homecare’s carers are screened, *DBS checked and employed directly by the company. They complete a 3 month induction programme, shadowing with senior staff and receive specialist training in subjects such as moving and handling, administering medication, first aid. All of Safe and Sound Homecare’s carers have to successfully complete the *Care Certificate. Carers will also receive regular and continual support and supervision whilst undertaking calls. *DBS - The Disclosure and Barring Service helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups of people. *Care Certificate - the Care Certificate was officially launched into the care industry in March 2015. It’s aim is to equip health and social care support workers with the knowledge and skills which they need to provide safe and compassionate care

Why it is important to have Risk Assessment and Quality Reviews?

It is essential there are robust procedures in place to Risk Assess your relative or friend’s needs and thereafter provide regular monitoring to ensure a high-quality service is provided and maintained...that is our promise and our priority. A member of the Safe and Sound Homecare Management Team will maintain contact on a very regular basis and collate feedback from carer visits. In early days, your relative or friend will be contacted to ensure the care is working for all parties and communication lines with relatives, GP’s and other health professionals is working well. We also carry out a 6 week Quality Review following the commencement of a package of care to establish and ensure their needs are being met along with all desired outcomes. Care plans are updated on a regular basis based on feedback, and announced and unannounced checks are carried out on our care staff.

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